Eurotrip… Estonia – The Juskuz Experience

Eurotrip… Estonia

So, thought that I should drop everyone a line. We are currently sitting in the airport waiting to board a flight to Copenhagen, and then on to Paris. The last week here has been fun. We’ve fully explored the Old Town in Tallinn, met the relatives and had copious amounts of food force fed to us. We’ve hung out in the University town of Tartu, checked out an old mill that Mari’s great-grandfather owned in Palamuse, and did the beach thing and had dinner in the Estonian Resort Town of Parnu.

The picture is from atop the tallest church in Tallinn (that might not be totally true, but I think it is) looking down on the old town area. You can see where the wall was, and in in center you can see a raised area that probably was where the important people lived. Anyway, I will have more pictures later, here and on my flickr page.


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