What an amazing, once in a lifetime, photo opportunity…

I call this rainbow without a camera… that’ll be $5500 please.

So this evening was our weekly paddle social, and about an hour in a small squall decides to roll through town. Nothing too bad, we got off the water for a bit and just sat it out. However, while waiting out the rain, a rainbow appeared just behind the bridge if you were looking towards it from shutes’n ladders. Now as far as rainbows go… this wasn’t some faint bit of color that you have to squint to see. It was a very vivid, distinct 3/4 of a rainbow. You could easily make out all of the colors against the grey of the clouds behind it. This is one of those things that while not super significant, probably will only happen to you once in your life.

Anyway, describing what we saw would be better left to a poet. I am much more qualified to show you what we saw by means of my camera. However, I did not bring it with me. This got me thinking… in these situations is it better to be a photographer or not? The challenge for a photographer is to accept that you didn’t bring your camera, not get all bent out of shape, and stand back and enjoy what you get to experience. I know that I haven’t always been able to do this. There have been times when I have tried to race back to my house or wherever my camera is, in hopes that I can make it back in time to get the shot. In the end, not only do I not get the shot, but I miss out on the experience. Even today, as I was only a few blocks from home, I considered running home to get the camera. In the end I decided to just sit there and enjoy it.

It would be nice to be able to just sit back and not think about iso’s and f-stops. It’s hard though right now. I really want to, but with trying to get my photography gig up and running, I am really focused on learning and am constantly thinking about how to expose this, and what lighting setup would I use there, how did they light that, etc…

Anyway, try to enjoy what is in front of you. Take what you are given and be happy that you were given anything at all.

… that reminds me of some lyrics by Seth Bernard – “You say your glass is half empty. I say who gave you a glass in the first place? Is it not a gift?”


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