2008 Keweenaw Chain Drive…

Yesterday, was the annual Keweenaw Chain Drive. The Chain Drive is a mountain bike race here in Houghton. There are 16 and 32 mile options on some of the best mountain bike trails in the midwest. While many of my friends spent the day in the saddle battling it out on the trails, I took a more leisurely approach and stood in the woods for a couple of hours taking pictures of everyone… or trying to. There were a couple of times when my flash didn’t fire, and a couple of times when my flash was recycling that I couldn’t take a photo. I suppose that just means I need to get a sb-800 and quantum battery pack. Anyway, it ended up being a beautiful day, and it seemed like the majority of our little group placed in their respective categories, I think I got a couple of nice pics… not a bad way to spend a Saturday. Oh afterwards there was beer and pizza at the KBC, a bus trip to DQ, and fireworks over at Nelson’s. Life in the Keweenaw.

You can check out pictures from the race by visiting www.juskuz.com

One thought on “2008 Keweenaw Chain Drive…

  1. A Family/Group Member

    What tremendous athletes and you took some really great pictures. In the bottom picture I can even see his leg muscles working.

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