Internet Photo Thieves…

UPDATE: I talked received an e-mail from the owner of Quickstop and apparently the rider himself submitted the photo for use in the ad. No harm no foul I suppose. Basically, I just need to be more careful.

Take a close look at these two pictures… what do you notice? They are the same picture! I suppose that this is my fault. Last year at the Fat Tire I took photos and then made them available to the race participants via my flickr account, and no where do I state, or did I state that these were not to be used for commercial purposes. However, I also did not state that they could be. So, I accept full responsibility for this situation.

Honestly… I’m kind of flattered. I am just starting to try and make some money selling my photos, and here is a photo of mine appearing in a print advertisement without me having to do anything other than take the photo. I just wish that they would have at least given me some credit for the shot. Oh well, live and learn.

I suppose that I should start being a little more careful where I put my photos and how I set the permissions pertaining to those pictures. Like I said, it’s flattering, but I don’t want it to happen again.

Till the next race…

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