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What I’ve been working on…

I’ve been working as a graphic designer at Michigan Tech now for a couple of weeks. For the majority of my time there I have pretty much spent most of my time working on the brochure (cover above). Now it’s not that it took a couple of weeks to create, it’s just that after everything is laid out, it has to get approved and proofed. Well, that takes time, and when it comes back there are always changes to be made. Even now that we have approved it for print, there are still changes we would like to make.

Anyway, it’s been a lot of fun to work on. While working on this project, and hopefully while working on future projects, I am planning on trying to create all of the graphic elements that I use. I know the designer before me was a big fan of using graphic elements purchased online. She made some really great things, but I would like to learn as much as I can and this should force me to be a little more creative and help me get to know the programs a little better.

So, above is the cover for the brochure that gets mailed out to all incoming freshman. The previous designer created the logo, and 3 of the stamps. I created the rest. All of the stamps were created in Illustrator. For the stickers I used the university approved logos ( illustrator files) imported them into photoshop where I turned them into stickers.

I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I did want to give the background texture a little more of a distressed look, but didn’t have time. Also, the treatments used to create the binding on the left, aren’t aligned correctly. My boss said no one will notice and we ignored it.

I’m working on a few other things right now, and will share as they reach completion.


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