Wow… It hurts, but it’s sooo good.

Well, I’m sitting here waiting for the wifey to get home. She’s been gone a long time and I miss here muy mucho. She’s not due in till after 2:00 am, but that won’t deter me.

Anyway, at Christmas time I was asked to make a decision… would you like a new computer or massage chair. Seeing as how massage chairs leave me feeling like I got pummeled with a baseball bat, I had to go with the computer. So, it is almost June and we are just now finalizing the details. Long story short… talked to the rents this evening and got the go ahead to order the new computer. Jumped onto the Mac store, picked my options and presto! Computer on it’s way. They just make this sooooo easy.

And… I’m reading this and apparently I’m tired. The gist is that the computer is coming, it was pretty expensive, but hopefully it will be worth it. I’m going to go vacuum and do some dished before my master gets home. Later.

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