SmugMug First Impressions… – The Juskuz Experience

SmugMug First Impressions…

So, I have been playing around with SmugMug ( for the last couple of days. I did a lot of research and it came down to Zenfolio and SmugMug. In the end it sounded like SmugMug was the better option. It was a little more expensive, but the additional options seemed to justify the cost (I’m still on my free trial). Anyway, not that I have actually been using the site for a couple of days, I can’t say that I’m that impressed. I’m sure that it offers everything a person could want, but the navigation sucks. Eventually, I will get things set up the way I want them, but I think it will take a while and require me to spend a bit of time on SmugMug’s help pages. Anyway, I will post an update once I have had more time to play around with it. Feel free to visit at

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