70 degrees… yeah we can do that.

So, today it finally got out of the mid 50’s. Originally, the forecast was calling for hight 50’s, but somehow the gods were looking down upon us and sent some warm weather our way. Right now I’m looking at my thermometer and it ready 69.5 degrees and it’s been cooling down now for a little while. Anyway, we took advantage of the weather and went for a short kayak. Jill, Hans, and I launched from the Chassell boat launch and paddled up the Sturgeon River to where the highway crosses. Then, we paddled back. It’s wasn’t the most exciting trip, but it was great to be out. Once back to shore Jill and Hans set about training their new dog Roy to sit on the back of the kayak so he can go on trips with them. Hopefully, tomorrow will be as good as today. Later.

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