Computers Suck!

So, everyone that’s ever owned a computer knows that at any moment it could just call it quits. Sometimes there’s a good reason for it, many times there isn’t. It seems that as a computer gets older the probability of it going to shit on you increases.

Anyway, my computer drew the short straw on Friday. All was well in the morning before work, then in the evening it decided that it was tired or running safari and it just wasn’t going to do it. Mail, sure… for a while, then no. Soon, it had gotten in it’s head that it wasn’t going to run any of my programs. Fortunately, it would run and let me transfer files. So, off to the neighborhood Office Max we go to purchase a new external hard drive.

Anyway, I think I saved everything important and wiped and re-installed my OS. But, today I tried reinstalling the extra ram I purchased and things started going to shit again. I took it out and all it good. I hope there is a way to fix that shit. I don’t really want to purchase another stick of ram and my computer won’t be able to handle all the shit I throw at it with only 512mb of ram installed.

Did I ever tell you I hate computers.

I think I hate being poor more, but computers are right up there.

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