This weekend was kind of a bust. I had to work all day Friday and Saturday and the weather wasn’t all that nice. On the other hand, Mari’s mom was in town. Because the weather was so crappy we got to spend more time together than we probably would have. Not a bad thing. Anyway, I’m going to go for a bike ride event though it’s just above 40 degrees out. I know, I know… 40 degrees isn’t that bad.

Problem is… I’m sick of being cold. I want it to be warm.

Anyway, the last few posts were my sorry attempt to share some of the interesting info that is out there. These three blogs Strobist, Chase Jarvis and Photography School all have a ton of good info in you are into photography. I am learning quite a bit by frequenting these sites. If you are interested in photography you should check them out.

Later… time to bike

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