Why do I do it…

So, things have been going pretty well lately. I was a little crunched for time the other day, but it all turned out alright. It’s weird though… sometimes you wonder why you do things. For example:

We have been working on a project in one of my classes for quite a while now, and we haven’t gotten very far with a certain part of the design. At this point I feel like I have already spent a lot of time in and out of class working on this thing and that some of the other people in my group aren’t pulling their weight. Anyway, today we were supposed to present our initial designs to our client and my part went pretty well I think, but when it came time to present the other part of our project… it was… well… not really all that great. Actually, after our client left, our professor actually muttered, “Well, that was embarrassing.” Anyway, it was decided that we would split the class up differently and attack this problem from a different vantage point. Before this, I was thinking, “I did my part. Don’t expect me to put any more time in!” But, after we re-grouped I’m going, “Put me in coach! Put me in! Let me do it! I can do it!”

On top of that I had a meeting to further discuss the possibility/potential of organizing a new community cycling club whose main purpose would be to bring all of the different little bike groups that exist in our area together and hopefully strengthen our community while at the same time reducing some of the workload. Well, apparently we are past the discussion portion of this project and we are on to the doing. I’ve been roped into securing a place to have a kick-off party, designing a website, securing sponsorship, and acquiring insurance.

It’s not that any of these things are that difficult. It’s just that I keep taking on these little projects and I’m quickly running out of free time. Now, if I were getting paid to do some of this stuff instead of getting paid nothing, or actually paying an obnoxious amount. I wouldn’t feel as bad. Actually, I don’t really feel that bad anyway. I just want everyone out there to know how hard my life is… (yeah). Anyway, check out our new website at www.keweenawcyclingclub.com. It’s new, it’s rough, and I know some of you may see some similarities between it and some of my other sites (like all of them). But, this is where I’m at in my web-design career. I do plan on designing something a little different. i just have this one down, and why waste it.


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