Spring Vacation…

Well, it’s starting to look like spring up here. It’s not nearly as nice as it was a little further south in the state, but the snow is melting and that is what matters. Mari and I made the trek down to Jackson earlier this week. It was nice to see everyone. Usually when we go down it seems like we spend most of our time sitting around and it seems like a waste of time. Now, don’t get me wrong… I love seeing my family. But, usually everyone is running around doing their thing and you only get to see people here and there. This time however it was a little different. We got to watch one of Johnny’s hockey games and had the chance to talk to Pat after picking him up from the airport. It was good seeing Zach also, only I wish I could have gone to one of his races. Maybe later in the summer. As for the parents… My dad made a nice effort to come to lunch with us and as always we got to spend time with my mom.

Overall, it was one of our better trips home. I like it when I get to go watch my brothers in their games, or races, or whatever. The drive back and forth kinda sucks, but sometimes it’s worth it.

Anyway, when I got back there were two boxes waiting for me at DWS… my new road and mountain bikes. I spent part of the day friday putting together the road bike, and part of the day Saturday assembling the mountain bike. If the weather keeps up I will probably take the road bike for a spin next weekend, and at least start riding the mountain bike back and forth from school. It’s going to be a little while longer before the trails are open up here.

So, I will try and post more often. No promises though. Later.

PS: I meant to take more pics of the bike while I was building it, but only got so far as taking a pic of the box. Once I got building I just go through the motions and stopping to take a pic doesn’t happen to be included. Enjoy the pic of the box.

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