Never Say Never!

So, yesterday we moved some stuff around in an effort to get ready to make our desk the home of a new computer and at the same time free up some space. Well, what happens when you move things and make more space? Inevitably, stuff ends up getting piled up on top of each other. So, what do you do, buy a new cabinet/shelf so that the piles can be somewhat organized. That is exactly what we did today.

So, earlier in the day we made the rounds to St. V’s, Goodwill, and our local new furniture outlet. The new stuff we saw was freekin expensive and felt super cheap, there wasn’t anything at Goodwill (except a chair we got rid of yesterday), however St. V’s did end up proving fruitful.

So, today after class we headed back to St. V’s in order to pick up our new hunk of wood. So, we get it out to the car and we start to second guess whether or not it’s going to fit… bang, bang, tap, tap… there it goes, all 30% of it. So, we knew it was going to hang out, but we didn’t realize that most of it was going to be hanging out. In the end though, the cabinet made it back across the bridge and into the living room. It’s quite nice, not the right color, but much more sturdy than anything we found that was new and 12 times more expensive. Come on over and check it out sometime.


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