Winter Carnival 2008!

Frightful creatures with chilling features…

So… it’s Carny time again! I have to say that this year I am not really feeling all that much like going out and getting trashed. Last year Mari and I went down to campus and cruised around and we felt kind of old. There were all these youngsters out and about creating a ruckus. We made our rounds of the statues and headed home.

This year was a little different. I still wasn’t really feeling like drinking, but we had a slightly more fun plan. We headed over to Mac’s and Lynner’s for some dinner (which was very good), then some drinking, and then we headed down to campus for some dog walking and some statue viewing. We cruised around for about two hours then headed back to Mac’s for some warmth and liquor. Anyway, it was fun and some people ended up not feeling so well the next morn, but all in all it was not too bad.

Apparently, I’m in a little bit of a boring rut. After reading the last two entries I am noticing boring trend. Hopefully something will happen to get me out of this. I don’t want to bore everyone to death. See even this bit at the end saying how my writing is boring is boring. I better stop.

Oh yeah… and Neil is in town. He needed to test out his new winter bag. So he chose to sleep on our back porch instead of our guest room. What are you going to do?

I ain’t afraid of snow ghost…

Neil and his new sleeping bag…

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