Goin for it… – The Juskuz Experience

Goin for it…

a little squirrel jumping from tree to tree, chasing Mac in Ottawa…

I kinda feel like this squirrel right now. Yesterday I had a very informal and short interview for the position of design editor at the newspaper here at tech. Then last night, I stopped by while they were doing their thing to see what exactly their thing is. I got sucked into doing a little layout work which I don’t feel was very good. It’s not that I know I could have done better, but with a little more time and planning I think I would have done much better. On top of the lack of time thing, the computers were running super slow, I didn’t know exactly what they wanted done, I don’t know the file structure, where things are stored, or where to save things. Yeah… we’ll see. There’s no such thing as a bad experience. What’s the worst that can happen… I suck at it and they let me go. There are much worse things in the world. Later

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