Whatever… we’re not in Houghton

So, what did you do this weekend? Me… I spent 28 hours in a car to spend 45 hours in Ottawa at a winter festival called Winterlude. Was it fun… yeah. Was it worth it… I am not totally sure. Lynn and Mac decided to come with us and they definitely helped make the weekend a little more fun. This is only my second time, yet it seems that the course of events is pretty much the same every year. Everyone arrives sometime in the late afternoon on Friday. We meet in Bill and Dina’s (mari’s dad and step mom) room for cocktails before dinner. Then for dinner everyone heads out to this chinese restaurant which has quite the selection and very good food. Then we head home and go to bed.

On Saturday we get up, group breakfast, walk down and check out the ice sculptures, put on our skates and skate the 7 km down to Dowd Lake. While skating we take time to stop for beavertails, fries and hot chocolate. We may see figure skating, bed racing, who knows. After skating we may wander around Ottawa or head back to the hotel. That night we meet for cocktails then head out to everyone’s favorite Greek restaurant, eat, back to the hotel, then to bed. Sunday everyone gets up, group breakfast, pack, say goodbye, cry, leave.

It’s really not a bad way to spend a weekend. Anyway, I know that this post is boring. Well… YOU’RE BORING!! Why else would you have sat here and read all this way. Since it is so boring, I will stop and let you enjoy some of the pics.

Here is a link to more pics from the weekend.

Not as warm as down…

Largest skating rink in the northern hemi…

There are some amazing ice sculptures. I wish it hadn’t been so bright so you could see the detail better.

even the mannequins are dirty in canadia…

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