Hypnotize this…

So, today there was a show at the Rosza – A comedian/hypnotist. Was he good… yeah. Was it entertaining… yeah. So why when someone asks if I believe in hypnotism and I say “no” do I get stares of disbelief. When you go to see a magician you don’t wonder whether or not the magic is real. You know that everything done is just some sort of trick. Part of the fun is the mystery behind the illusion. I feel the same way about this guy. Was I amazed at what the hypnotist got the participants to do… yeah. Did he really hypnotize them? What is hypnotism? The guy says that he can’t make you do anything against your will, that you have to want to be hypnotized or it won’t work. Could he not just say I can’t make you do anything against your will, and you have to want to get up on stage and quack like a duck or my bit won’t work.

It is my impression that all of the people that were on stage wanted to be there. They volunteered to be there. These people are not alone. I feel as though this type of show doesn’t work that well with only a few participants (in the beginning of the show he tried to hypnotize two girls… didn’t work). So, now you have 18 people on stage and they are under pressure from the audience to do something entertaining, and under pressure from the other participants to conform to the direction of the “hypnotist.”

Now that everything is set up the hypnotist starts off easy and slowly makes things more and more ridiculous. Basically, he’s testing just how far these participants will go. When he sees certain people not participating wholeheartedly he pulls them and sends them back to their seat, then explains it away.

It’s seems more like an improvised comedy routine than a magic show. Maybe I’m missing the point. Maybe that’s exactly what hypnotism is. What do I know. Anyway, it was entertaining. I was just entertained by a different aspect. I think it’s a great social psychology experiment.


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