Round 2

So, today I had my second experience with some of my classes, web design and 2d design. Just so everyone knows, I am reserving judgement of my classes for at least two weeks. At that point I will definitely let you know what I think about my classes and professors. Currently, I don’t know what to think of some of them, while others I’ve got a really good feeling about.

My professor for 2d design seems great. It’s only day two and I’m already really enjoying her class. So far, it seems like it is going to be very practical and definitely worth my time. I can’t stand it when you pay for a class and then don’t get taught anything. I’m starting to feel like that in some of my other classes. Why should I pay someone to sit with me in a room for 3 hours a week and test whether or not I can teach myself. It seems ridiculous. At this point if you can’t locate and assimilate basic info about a topic, maybe you shouldn’t be in college. It’s the sorting of all of the information out there that I want help with. In today’s world information isn’t hard to come by. Gaining knowledge from it can be. Anyway, I am going to stop before I say something that may affect my grades. Later…

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