Out of my league… – The Juskuz Experience

Out of my league…

So, today I had my first experience in the other two classes I’m taking this semester… Publications and Info Management and Editing. Editing doesn’t seem like it’s going to be that difficult. It’s just going to require me to spend a lot of time reading about grammar and proper use of punctuation, etc… However, Pub & Info is another matter. If it weren’t for the name tag incident I would be quite excited about this class. In the beginning of the classes materials were handed out and we were directed to create name tags that stand up and had something other than our names on them that sort of defined us. We had about 5-7 minutes. I knew mine was lame. It was a very poor attempt at a camera and my name written on the card. But, I didn’t realize just how lame it was. One person fashioned a pyramid out of there paper and described it as having a good foundation of knowledge with just a little more to learn, and another guy chose red because it was the color of strength and he drew a candle (it even looked like a candle) because he liked to think of himself as being able to see through the darkness. Anyway, I’m now scared of this class.

Actually, we will be working with real clients and developing design strategies for said clients. It should be a lot of fun, but we’ll see how it turns out. Stay tuned….

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