FOUR Jobs + School….WTF!!

So, I’ve had a couple of meetings over the last couple of days, exchanged some emails, and sent off resume’s and examples of my skill with Adobe products. And I was originally thinking that I might have a hard time finding work and getting experience in the design field… not so much apparently. As of Monday I will be taking classes full-time, working at Down Wind, working with the Outdoor Adventure Programs, possibly working as a student photographer for University Communications, and now I might even end up being the Graphic Design Editor for Tech’s newspaper the Lode. On top of that there may be a graphic design position in the Student Activities office and in Student Affairs, or living or… something like that. On top of that I’m waiting for Lynner to get comfortable with her job so that maybe I can use her to elbow in on some projects at Monte Consulting. That last ones a major maybe. But, I would be willing to do some odds and ends just for the experience, no pay necessary.

I really don’t know how people could complain about not being able to find a job up here. Now I understand jobs that would support a family, pay a mortgage and allow you to take advantage of your vacation might be few are far between. But meeting the basic essentials of ramen, beer, a cell phone with text messagability and internet should be pretty easy given the availability of lower income jobs in the area. People are freakin lazy I think. Personally, I’m looking forward to having to use a calendar again to keep everything straight. Anyway, Monday it all starts. Should be a blast.

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