Happy Super New Year!!!

So, Mari and I got to spend xmas out east and I had the opportunity to attend a couple of different xmases, but I am going to save those pics and stories for another post. Not because I don’t want to tell you them right now, but because I’ve been lazy and haven’t recharged my camera so that I can get the pictures off of the memory card. What’r ya gonna do?

Anyway, xmas and new years treated us pretty well, and seeing as how we didn’t have to work yesterday, we felt obligated to get outside and enjoy the snow. So, we met up with Lynner, Mak, Jenna and the dogs for some snowshoeing fun out at hungarian falls. It was snowy, and white, and pretty, and fun. We spent about two hours goofing around and then headed home to do laundry so that Mari could start repacking and getting ready for her trip to Guatemala. After doing some clean up around the house we headed back to Jason’s and Lynners for some movie fun. Anyway, I’ll stop with the boring details and let you enjoy some of the pics that were taken. Later…

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