Mission – East Coast Xmas…. ABORT! ABORT! – The Juskuz Experience

Mission – East Coast Xmas…. ABORT! ABORT!

So, we didn’t exactly have to abort, but we did run into a couple of snags… We ended up driving down to Mqt and having dinner at the thai place. On the way down Mari realized that I had distracted her and caused us to forget some of the gifts. Once at the airport we found out that our flight was delayed, and that we were going to have to move fast if we wanted to catch our connecting flight.

Anyway, we get through security and are waiting, watching our time window disappear when over the loud speaker we hear, ” Ma I ave or ention ease… ight 3219 is ov eight. We eed three passeng lling to take a ump.” They repeated the above phrase and between Mari and I along with our superior deductive reasoning we were able to come to the conclusion that our flight was over-weight and that they were looking for 3 people to bump. Mari makes a quick stop at the desk to find out what our other flight options are, and then after a quick call to the mother figure we decided that it would be in our best interest to take the bump, the free hotel room, and the two $300 travel vouchers.

In the end we are going to get to Syracuse quite a bit ahead of schedule. Not so bad… huh. Well, right now we are sitting in our complimentary hotel room watching “The Incredibles” and re-creating one of the gifts we left at home. As a matter of fact, Mari just finished it now. So, I should probably go. She isn’t amused when I am more focused on this little screen than on her. Understandable. Later.

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