USPS… WTF!!! – The Juskuz Experience


So, I sold something to a guy in Japan. I have to admit, that was probably my first mistake. Anyway, on Monday I go to the shipping shop only to find that if I use Fedex or UPS it’s going to cost somewhere between $80-100. So, yesterday I decided to try the post office. I walk in and the guy in front of me is trying to ship something to Canada, and is having all kinds of problems. This doesn’t bode well… Anyway, my turn comes up and I take my package up to the counter and say, ” I need to send this to Japan.”

The guy looks at me and says, ” you haven’t filled out any paperwork, the box isn’t taped up, and there’s no address on the box.”

“I know, that’s why I’m here.”

So, the guy gives me a form and provides me with some tape and I get out of line and do my thing. Once I make it back up tot the counter someone else has replaced the previous gentleman. So again I try, “I need to send this to Japan.” This time I present the taped up box and completed form, and the woman says, “do you want to use priority mail?”

“I don’t know, how much does it cost?”

“Well, you used the priority mail tape, so you have to use priority mail or remove the tape and use regular tape. Oh and you have to use a different form”

“Do you have plain tape?”

“No, you’d have to buy that”

“how much does priority mail cost?”

“Hmm… click, click, click… hmmm…. $29.50”

“lets just do that”

So, after filling out the “other form” I paid and that was it. I understand that there are a lot of different places that one might want to send somthing. But the reason for coming down to the post office, or to a shipping shop is because I’m not confident that I will do everything properly if I try to do it online or from home. At least I found out that it is a lot cheaper to send something overseas via mail, than to use a shipping company. Later.

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