So, I got this idea off of Flickr… There was a group that basically required the members to take 5 photos on a certain day. This way they compiled a record of goings on, on that particular day from many people all over the world. Kinda cool in my mind. So, I thought that I would carry my camera around for a day and take pictures of stuff and then try and choose five that were a good representation of my day… Not as easy as it sounds. Once at work I didn’t take that many pics. But, I did get some and here they are. The above photo is of our house.. where I wish I didn’t have to leave this morning.

Here’s a pic from the shop… this is the kind of stuff we (as in danimal) have to deal with. I have to admit, I haven’t been spending as much time in the shop as I used to. I really should help out more, but I don’t want to.

This is from my walk to lunch at the LUNCH BAG… if you haven’t been there you should go. The BBQ beef is something else.

This is from dinner. I got a short break before our open house to come home where Mari had made an awesome stuff chicken and rice thing that was to die for!

And here are Lynner and Jenna enjoying the wine at the open house.

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