Up to our necks… well… maybe our knees in white stuff! – The Juskuz Experience

Up to our necks… well… maybe our knees in white stuff!

So, it’s snowing here in the UP. Sunday was beautiful, then on Monday the sun melted the little bit of snow we had left. When I went to bed it was green grass and the only frozen water to be found was that outside the ice rink. Anyway, Tuesday morning a little before 6am I am woken up. By what? I’m not sure, but the wind was sure a blowin hard. Anyway, I look outside and to my surprise everything is white. Now, in just the last couple of days, we’ve gotten enough snow for the XC trails to open, and next weekend the ski hill is opening. On one hand that’s pretty awesome, on the other… my back hasn’t been this sore in a while. This is almost too much snow, too fast. I just haven’t had the time to acclimate. I’m not used to planning everything a half hour earlier than I need to. My back isn’t ready for this kinda workout, and it’s not getting a rest. But, what are you going to do. Next week I’ll be able to ski any day I want to, and if it keeps up, it’s going to be some damn good skiing. Anyway, here are some pics from Tuesday morning when I woke up, and yesterday while I was shoveling. Later.

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