What a Day…

So, we’re back! We had a great time in the Seattle area. We got to spend some time with the family and some time by ourselves. Not everything went like we would have hoped. There were some road closures in Olympic National Park that cut us off from some of the areas we wanted to visit. But, it opened up some time for us to spend in places that were quite beautiful, but not on our original agenda. Anyway, it was really good to see everyone, and it was awesome to have everyone together again. It’s not often that all the boys, my parents, and the wives get together.

All in all, it was fun. But, what a trip back! Friday, we got up around 8am, had breakfast, and then Mari and I went for a hike at Point Defiance Park near where we were staying. Then after we got back my dad and I went out hunting for a camera store which wasn’t really that easy to find… and we finally gave up and just went to the REI. After we returned we had something to eat then loaded up the car again to go over to Gig Harbor. There we walked around for the rest of the afternoon checking out all the little shops and galleries. When we got back to the house the boys showed up and some people ate, some slept, some sauna’d and we more or less just hung out at the house. Mari and I did some laundry and packed, and around 10:30 Eric, Catie and John took us to the airport.

Now, here’s where the fun starts. Our flight wasn’t till 1am. So, we checked out bags and when we get to the security checkpoint there is a line about a mile long… and it isn’t moving. Well, being so late they only have 1 gate open. So, we wait. Finally, we get through security and head to our gate. We sit down and watch the latest episode of Heroes, which we don’t finish before we get on the plane. Now on the plane, I’m in the middle and it’s late. I’m tired. Why can’t the airlines make seats that are even remotely comfortable. There’s no back support and your head feels like it’s being pushed forward. It’s as if they went out of their way to make you uncomfortable. Anyway, I knew this so I had purchased one of those “U” shaped neck pillows. Well, as it turns out it really wasn’t big enough, and in turn didn’t provide much (aka zero) support. So, after 3ish hours on the plane my neck is killing me and it is now a little after 6am with the time change.

So, we are getting ready to land in Minneapolis and we get out our tickets to check how long our layover is and we discover two things… One, we have about 10 minutes between flights. Two, we aren’t flying from MN to MQT, but to Detroit. You think we would have noticed something was strange when we got 3 tickets when we checked in instead of 2, but it was late. Anyway, the plane is landing now and the clock has started ticking. We now have 9 min and 53 seconds to catch our connecting flight. Once the plane stops everyone jumps up and we realize we are in row 42 and everyone isn’t going to let us by. So, we get off the place, sprint to the the bank of screens, find our gate, then sprint off to our gate. Fortunately, we get there and everyone’s on board, but we aren’t too late. Another uncomfortable flight and we are in Detroit.

Once in Detroit we had a good amount of time, so we strolled around and finally found our gate, sat down and watched the rest of Heroes and started a movie. We got on our uncomfortable plane and took off from MQT.

Now in MQT we picked up our luggage and headed for the car. It is now 2:00pm, we’ve been up for 27 hours and we now have to get back to the Houghton airport, yes the Houghton airport, so that Mari can pick up a rental car for her trip tomorrow. By 5:30 we are back home. Mari is unpacking and repacking for her trip to Ontario. I’m tired and wishing I could go to sleep.

This really wasn’t that exciting, just boring. If you made it this far you must have been pretty bored yourself. If this post has any redeeming qualities it would be the pics. Enjoy!

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