Playing Around With Flashes…

So, I was playing around this evening with my flashes and radio triggers. I thought that it would be fun to try and get a pic of my wedding ring. They are pretty cool. Their are three scenes on it, a mountain, a volcano, and the sun over water. The land/water is in red gold, the air in white gold, with the seam, sun and lava in yellow gold. Now, it’s actually quite hard to see when you have it in your hand, and photographing it was harder than I expected. Anyway, I ended up using three flashes and a light tent made up of a few pieces of paper placed around the ring to make the light source seem bigger and cause the light to wrap around the ring a little more. There’s still a little dark spot caused by the opening I was shooting through. However, it turned out pretty well. Anyway, if you haven’t seen our rings yet… this is what they look like. Later.

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