One Week!

So, today is Thursday. Nothing spectacular, it just marks the point one week before Mari and I head out to Seattle. Something that I’ve been waiting to do for a while. Currently at work things are dog slow. We just stand around doing nothing, thinking we should be doing something, but not having anything to do, don’t do anything. It’s quite miserable. I can’t wait to go back to school and have a schedule and projects and just days that are different from each other. Right now every day is the same and I sometimes get lost in the monotony of everything. I find myself thinking “WOW it’s Friday already” and “SHIT it’s only Tuesday!” Anyway, today the cycling team invited me to take their team picture. I kinda wish it wasn’t in front of a glass wall and that I had felt like they wanted to do something cool. I had both of my flashes and was pretty much ready to go and try and create a cool pic. But, I got the feeling that no one was really that interested in the picture. So, I just took a series in the spot they picked out. They turned out alright, but not anything that gets me excited. The above pic was a creation that came about in photoshop. I kinda like it. It gives it a very unreal kinda vibe. Later.

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