Sad Day! – The Juskuz Experience

Sad Day!

Today started off ok and ended poorly. Today my crocs finally said…”NO MORE!” and kicked the bucket on me. Truth be told I finally just wore right through the bottoms. I’ve had these damn things for over two years, and have worn them constantly. As far as shoes go, that’s pretty damn good. I used to wear through a pair of birkenstocks each year. Considering they were made out of foam, were bright yellow and looked like clown shoes they were worth the whole $15 I paid for them.

Anyway, the weather kicked in here. Wind gusting to 50 mph and waves supposedly building to 22ft!!! tomorrow. It’s going to be crazy. The thought of taking my kayak out did cross my mind, but then I remember the last time I was out in 8-10 footers and got my ass handed to me. I think I’m going to pass. I may just take a run out there to see what 20ft waves on Lake Superior look like though. I’ll post pics… later.

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