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Morning Surf…

Yesterday morning I met Sam Roache out at McLain State Park at 6:30am to see if we could do some surfing. The wind was supposed to be up and the forecast was calling for waves 8-11ft. Anyway, there were definitely some waves out there. I do have to admit that it feels not normal to be heading out onto the lake at 6:30am when the air temp is 48 degrees, and the water temp is around 55 degrees. It was fun though. The first time I went out I ended up getting blown away from the breakwall and out into the bigger stuff. I ended up in breaking waves that were probably about 2-3 feet over my head when sitting in my yak. To make a long story short, I got my ass kicked around a little, got a couple good rides, and when I finally made it back to shore, I needed to take a short break. The video is of my second attempt. It was good. Stayed closer to the breakwall, nothing too exciting happended, just some good chest shots and some side surfing in the yak. Enjoy!

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