Surf’s Up!

So, today started off a little on the grey side. It was raining and it didn’t seem like it was going to stop anytime soon. I did eventually get out for a run anticipating getting wet. However, the rain never materialized. After that Mari and I went over to Jill and Han’s for a late lunch, then headed out to McLain State Park to play with the kayaks in the waves.

The forecast was calling for 3-5. Usually, if you are lucky, they might actually be 3 foot waves. Color me surprised when we got out there and the waves were every bit of 5 feet and possibly even bigger (when we got home I checked and the forecast had been upgraded to 7-10ft waves). Anyway, I think everyone had fun even though it was maybe a little too much, too soon. Once you got out side where the waves were breaking it wasn’t a big deal. However, once inside the break zone you didn’t get to rest, as the period was very short. Anyway, check out the pics and vid. You can see Jill making her way through the waves, and Mike D. putting his surf board to good use. Later.

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