Lazy Weekend…

It was a good weekend. Didn’t do anything too special. Went paddling a couple of times, running, cleaned the house, went to the grocery store, took care of some dogs, and hung out with Mari. It was nice to have a couple of days off, seeing as how over the previous three weeks I had only had one day off. Anyway, last night we went over to Swededtown Creek to play in the kayaks. Mari is doing really well with her bracing and rolling. She’s going to be better than I am here pretty soon. As for her rolling, I think she is having the same problems everyone has in the beginning. Yesterday she snapped off two no problem. The her third attempt didn’t work out so well. This seems quite normal. You have a little success and start to get a little lazy. That’s when things start not going right. However, she seems to be to the point where she is aware of what’s going on and can diagnose what went wrong. So, her fourth attempt was perfect… better than the other two. I’m proud of her. She’s putting her time in and it will only make her more confident. Maybe we’ll get out before wednesday… I hope so. Later.

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