County Fair… Oh My! – The Juskuz Experience

County Fair… Oh My!

Ear of Elephant…ummmm sooo gooood!

Went to the county fair last night. What a spectacle. Fairs definitly seem to draw people out of their holes, and by the looks of them I might not be kidding. Our friend Jenny (I know that’s not how she spells her name, oh well) won some pageant. I’m kinda glad she didn’t sing, because the odds would not have been in her favor. On the other hand her little comedy routine was pretty good and the fact that she forgot to plug in her vacuum (had to be there) made it even better. After that we wandered past the horses, pigs, chickens, cows, etc… Then got some good old fair food and watched some little tykes ride around on their mini bikes… kinda reminded me of Excite Bike. Fun, a little… Interesting, for sure. Until next year.

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