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Group Fun…

Another Wednesday, another Keweenaw Paddling Club event. We were originally supposed to meet at Swedetown Creek to work on rescues, bracing and rolling. However with the wind we decided to head to the big lake and see if there was any action to be had there. Once there, the waves weren’t as big as one would like, but they were fun. We practiced rolling, bracing and screwed around trying to paddle over each others boats while upside down and making the person roll. Good fun.

However, I did get in trouble seeing as how I had maybe mentioned that I would probably be back by 7:30 and didn’t show up till almost 9:30… and I had the car. Plus we were supposed to go see a movie and I was late to that also. Bad job Greg. I don’t know what happens sometimes. I tried calling, but probaly didn’t try hard enough. Anyway, I’m starting to feel less bad about this. I’m sure I will get over it quickly…. oh yup…over it.

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