Happy Screw the British Day!

Now I don’t have anything against the British. Actually, at this point in time I would prefer to be anything not associated with our current commander and chief of disaster. Anyway, we did get to enjoy the day off of work. On Tuesday a few of us met up in Copper Harbor after work. It was kind of a rush job seeing as how we didn’t know we were going 3hrs before-hand. In the end everyone made it and we got on the water just in time. The goal was a campsite about 8 miles east of the harbor. We pulled in right at dusk and there were already 17 tents set up on the beach. It was a fun night, got a few good pics, then got up and paddled back to the harbor. On Wednesday we went to the Gay Parade, then went to paddle in Eagle Harbor but got rained out. With the forecast calling for 50% chance of showers, we opted to skip the fireworks and head back to town. I kinda wish I would have been around for the festivities, however I was glad to not have to drive back in the middle of the night after a day of screwing around. Hopefully, this weekend will have some more fun associated with it.

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