Did you know about these?

The jacobsville cliffs are an area that I think a lot of people know about but few people ever go see. I’ve know about them for a while, but have never made it all the way to them. It’s not very far at all, but we always leave the boat launch, paddle around the lighthouse, then everyone gets sucked in by the nice sand beach at White City. Last night was different. When we left we had a pretty substantial tail wind that was kicking up a little chop between the breakwalls, then as we rounded the lighthouse it turned into a beam wind along the beach. This caused everyone to beeline for the safety of the cliffs, which were surrounded by quiet water. After we were done exploring the cliffs, the wind had died as forecast and we enjoyed a peaceful paddle back with just the hint of a headwind. Finally, I got to see these cliffs. And what can I say, they might now be as nice as the Pictured Rocks, or the Apostles, but they are pretty damn nice and they’re in my backyard. I would have to recommend this short little paddle to anyone that knows or doesn’t know about this area. You won’t be disappointed.

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