Camping Montreal Style – The Juskuz Experience

Camping Montreal Style

This weekend wasn’t the greatest weekend of all time, but it was pretty dam good… even though it rained most of the day on sunday. Anyway, Friday after work Mari and I, along with our friends Caleb/Heather and Jill/Hans headed north to Beta Gris and paddled out to Montreal Falls to spend the night around a fire chit-chatting, eating smores, and just enjoying being outside. When suddenly a group panic emerged about not having matches for fire. I gladly showed them the survival machete I took with us, it has a flint, panic solved. I’m so glad I read the buying guide on machetes. The paddle out there was pretty amazing due to the thick fog that we encountered. It gave me the feeling of being very far away. Everything was wet, you were allowed a glimpse every now and again, but in general everything was a surprise. It was pretty relaxing and I hope that this coming weekend holds more of the same. Check out some of the pics and my experimental time lapse of the paddle out.

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