A Pleasant Vacation…

So, last Thursday Mari and I left to drive back to Jackson, dropped off the VW on Friday, and flew out of Detroit back to Vermont. Saturday we went to Mari’s friend’s Medical School graduation party. On Sunday we endured our own get together of sorts at Mari’s mom’s house. Mari got her hair cut, her make up done, and we met a lot of really nice people and I had the opportunity to spend some time with some of the new members of my family.

Just this past Thursday we flew from Vermont back to Detroit and spent some time with my family. My brother Zack just graduated from High School and his open house was on Saturday. We got to hang out in Jackson, see some family, take advantage of the hot tub, and play with my aunt’s new boston puppies.

Now we are back in Houghton, went for a bike ride, then tried to start cleaning up around the house. Tried to mow the lawn, found a home for our new carpet… thank you IKEA. Tomorrow it’s back to work, and on Wednesday I’ve got my interview at Tech.

Anyway, here are some pics from the trip. Later.

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