Wah Wah Weee Wah!

Another super fun weekend. Saturday morning I got up early and met up with a few other people for a quick road ride in the morning. It was a great ride starting out pretty cold, but warming up rather quickly. The pavement was smooth, the traffic was light, and the company was good. I hope the rest of the rides will be as much fun as that one.

Right after the ride it was off to work. Our big spring sale was on Saturday. It seemed like it was fairly successful. A lot of bikes and boats went on the door, it was warm and people were outside. It did however make for a long day. On top of it Mari’s mother was in town and my parents showed up Saturday afternoon. They hadn’t met yet. So, far so good.

It seemed like everyone got along pretty well. One down, three to go. I’m still waiting to see what happens when we get my parents and both sets of Mari’s parents in the same room together.

Well, Mari is still sick and work will be here sooner than I want it to. Maybe I’ll get out paddling tomorrow? We’ll see.

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