What a weekend…

Parents came up, had a paddling class and a group road ride scheduled at the same time, wedding stuff, water heater stopped working… arggghhhhh!! It wasn’t a bad weekend but it was busy and full of goings on. I knew that not showing up at the first group road ride that I planned was going to get me in trouble. I just didn’t know that it was going to start so soon. People that don’t even know me are giving me crap about things they know nothing of. This same guy came in the shop and was asking who I was and wondering why, since I’m trying to bring the road community together, I wasn’t at the ride they went on last week. Maybe it was because they left at 5:30 and I usually don’t get home from work till 6:30 or 7:00. Some people can be such jackasses. Some people are just jackasses, but others assume that they know something when they don’t know the whole truth. Then they go and do something or say something that makes them a jackass. I feel pretty bad right now because I am starting to dislike this guy and I don’t truly know him. Anyway, maybe we’ll get this all cleared up by next weekend.

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