Paddle Before the Storm…

So, today hasn’t gone quite as planned. Spent the morning doing pretty much nothing, which is great and sucky all at the same time. I did get to spend it with Mari so that makes it more good than bad. I did make it out for a paddle. Went down to the Houghton beach and paddled down past campus and came back. I took this opportunity to try out one of the new little gadgets I acquired over christmas… the Pentax Optio W20 (waterproof digicam). It has an interval shoot mode which I used to take pictures every 10 seconds, and then created a time lapse video using those pictures. The camera ran out of juice about a quarter of the way through the trip, but worked pretty good none the less. Right now I had planned to be out on a road ride, however it has started to rain pretty heavily. The radar looks like it might pass in time to get out for a little bit. I’ll cross my fingers. Something will happen. Anyway, check out the clip.

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