First Paddle of the Season

So, yesterday (saturday) Mari and I went looking for some open water. The canal and all of the inland lakes that we checked were still completely frozen over. There were a few spots that were starting to look a little grey and slightly slushy. Certainly the water will be opening up quite soon. In the meantime we made our way to Lake Superior where there was quite a bit of open water, only there was a little (meaning a lot) of ice between us and it. We did find a couple of places where the open water was pretty close to shore. One of these was Burnette Park north of Gay on the east side of the Keweenaw peninsula. It was here we tried to go for a paddle.

Everything was looking good, except that there was a thin layer of ice to break through to out into the lake. It’s pretty thin, this shouldn’t be a problem. I started to paddle through it. Stabbing my paddle through the ice and pulling myself forward. The farther I went out the thicker the ice got, untill I couldn’t stab through it any longer. Thats when I decided that the 40 degree water and increasing wind plus temps hovering around freezing probably meant that we should have just waited a few more days. Anyway, we did get to put the new boats in the water. They are fast and nimble, comfortable and pretty. Below are some pics of Mari paddling her new boat.

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