A Grand Weekend… – The Juskuz Experience

A Grand Weekend…

This weekend a couple of friends and I decided to paddle Grand Island near Munising Michigan and the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Originally, we were going to paddle over to Murray Bay, then portage over a small section of the island to Trout Bay, but we couldn’t find the trail. So we made the choice to just paddle around the whole thing. At the time we weren’t sure how far it was or what the weather was going to do. But, in hindsight it was a pretty easy day. We ended up paddling 21 miles on Saturday, and about 3 miles from our campsite back to the boat launch. It was a great paddle, lots of cliffs, caves, and flat water. Got to paddle Impex’s new Force 4 kayak. I really like it for this type of paddling. It holds a lot of gear, is fast, comfortable, and stable. I wouldn’t call it a very playful boat, but this is definitly the ticket for longer trips.

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