Just thinking…

So, during the last few days my mind has been working pretty hard. I’ve decided that I am going to open a Hiking/Kayaking guide service in the spring of 2008. I need some time to accumulate the certifications that would allow me to guide the trips myself. Also, I’ve decided that I want to solo circumnavigate Isle Royale National Park by kayak before the last boat goes out. That means that I have four weeks to get it done. I think that I can paddle around the island in about 3-4 days. That gives me either 4 1/2 days or 7 days to finish. So, if the weather is good and my arms hold out it could be a quick trip. I’m not really counting on that happening. Wish me luck in my planning. I’m headed to Grand Island this weekend. Just a quick weekend trip to stretch out the arms and enjoy the end of summer.

One thought on “Just thinking…

  1. derrick

    I’ve been thinking about that one myself. But at a much more leasurely pace. 🙂 more like 5 days.

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