Ladies of the Lake 2006 – St. Ignace

So, this last weekend was the third annual Ladies of the Lake women’s only sea kayak symposium. It is a pretty sweet event. It consists of me and a handful of other guys trying to be invisible while helping things run smoothly for a group of a hundred or so women kayakers. I made the five hour drive from Houghton to St. Ignace early Thursday morning so as to arrive in time to set up the venue and make sure things were in place for registration and social hour. Upon arrival things got going and never really slowed down until Sunday evening. In between trying to stay fed, sleeping, boat fitting, and picture taking we did find time to do a little paddling. Here are a couple of pics from our trip from Lake Michigan –> Lake Huron –> Lake Michigan.

Checking for explosives??

Marg making a run for it…

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