Just Another Day….

So this is my first post to this blog thingy… I really don’t know what I’m doing. I figure that I will learn as I go, or not. One way or another something will happen. Anyway, what did I do today? This morning I went for a run, and I haven’t run in a while. I have had knee problems the last year and a half so this summer I stopped running and starting riding my bike more. Now my knee has felt great all summer. So, last night I decide that I’m going to try that running thing again and see how it goes. I forget how much it sucks to start running after not doing it for about a year. I think that this has been by far the longest I’ve gone without running ever. It also just happens that this was probably my worst “first day back” that I can remember. My ass hurt, my hips hurt, my lungs hurt, everything hurt… except the knees. That’s the only bright spot from this morning. The rest of my day consisted of trying to look like I was busy, and thinking about where I could find a job that pays more than what I’m making now. Currently, I have less than 100 bones left over at the end of the month after taking care of all my other financial obligations. That’s not much. My girlfriend and I want to go to Asia for a month is November of 2007 and if I save every last penny between now and then I will have 1600 bucks….almost enough for a plane ticket to and from japan. If I get lucky I might find a deal on a ticket and have enough left over to get a burger or something at the airport while I wait to return to the states. Anyway, enough of this. I’m done…later.

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